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Inshore Wrap Ups

Here we go again in 2013! We will be commencing our inshore trips on June 1st. All of our bass trips are spent using live and dead bait. Our live-well is always stocked and ready to go. Chumming, slow trolling, drifting, and if need be...sometimes we even break out the wire! But that only happens when we have to. In 2012 we experienced some great action chumming and slow trolling.

We usually start the season slow trolling the shoreline of the Elizabeth Islands for big fish. We average fish 34 to 40 inches. We barely ever keep anything under 34 inches, unless on request. I will say the focus on Castafari bass fishing charters is big fish. Some days yield non-stop action and other days we have to work for the fish, but we are usually rewarded with fish over the 30 pound mark. In 2012, the biggest fish was caught by John Kemp, a 38 pounder...and that was one of 2 fish he caught over the 30 mark. The Bill Saunders crew who have been fishing with is for 11 years now, managed some big boys too, including two 34 pounders. They have broke the 30 pound mark 6 years in a row! All trips but one yielded 20 pound plus fish. This year I think since were going to have an early season, the fishing should be really productive on the chunk.

We will be employing our Alutecnos 12T reels, St Croix Tidewater sticks and Sufix Tritanium line. We always use flourocarbon leaders, and circle hooks are first choice. The circle hook method while deploying live bait works like a charm...especially on days with a lot of throw backs. We prefer J hooks when chunk fishing as its imperative to set the hook on strike! This season will be another fantastic season of great bass fishing early on. There are still some days left in June if your heart is set on catching a trophy striped bass. If you've never fished with should come try it! Its a total blast. Nothing beats playing cat and mouse with a big hungry bass at the end of your line.

My mate will filet and bag your catch and ensure you take home some fresh fish. Its great stuff on the grill...or in the oven. Our trips are 8 to 9 hours in length...allowing us to fish both tides. We cover plenty of ground, fishing from the rocky shoreline of Gay Head cliffs to the rapids of Woods Hole. These trips are a great way for folks to entertain business clients as everyone usually catches fish...and big ones at that:)

2 guys and a bass

Inshore Wrap Ups
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