Our 2021 event will be presented online every Thurs. evening at 7 pm starting Feb. 25

Register for 2021 Virtual Events

Each of these virtual presentations will be broadcast online. Viewers will need to download the Zoom App to their devices. The presentations will encompass a narrated slideshow, followed by a highly interactive Q&A session enabling viewers to text in questions that will be answered by the speaker(s). There will also be live raffle drawings and product giveaways. All registered viewers will be automatically entered into the raffle. Prizes will be mailed to the winners!.

*Go to this link to view a list of all 7 events and their sign-up links:

  1. "Chasing The Unicorn" - The latest trends and techniques in finding and catching bigeye tuna.
    - Capt. Mark Decabia, February 25th, 7PM. Register
  2. "The Swordfish Deep Drop Game" - The ins and outs on how to capitalize on the deep drop swordfish game.
    - Capt. Tommy Howd, March 4th, 7PM. Register
  3. "Inshore Bluefin NY & RI" - Fishing the wrecks and draggers for tuna south of Montauk and Block Island.
    - Capt. Mark Decabia, March 11th, 7PM. Register
  4. "Bank & Bay Bluefin" - A close look at what's new and how to make the most of the Stellwagen and bay bluefin tuna fishery.
    - Capts .Taylor & Bryan Sears, March 18th, 7PM. Register
  5. "Night Fishing For Tuna & Swords" - A detailed perspective from 2 different captains on 2 different species after dark. This one you won't want to miss!
    - Capts. Tommy Howd and Mark Decabia, March 25th, 7PM. Register
  6. "Finicky Topwater Bluefin Tricks" - Some newly developed casting and jigging techniques on catching all tuna.
    - Capt. Terry Nugent, April 1st, 7PM. Register
  7. "J&B Tackle Virtual Sale & Tour" - An invitation only exclusive opportunity for all of our registered event viewers to take advantage of this one time virtualized sale at J&B Tackle.
    - Capts. Kyle & Kerry Douton(J&B owners) The access link will be emailed out to everyone who registers for any of our events