March 2 & 3, 2024 • Marriott Hotel, Quincy, MA
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About the Castafari Offshore Fishing Seminar

Welcome to the 10th Annual Castafari Big Game Fishing Seminar. Our last event welcomed over 350 guests and over 47 participating vendors. The Castafari seminar will offer 35 different topics to choose from including 18 hands on workshops and the most comprehensive bait-rigging instruction ever offered at any fishing seminar (Ballyhoo, mullet, bluefish, mackerel, skip baits, strip baits, eels, stick baits, butterfish, and squid).

After co-founding the Big Game Bash seminar in 2009, Castafari went on to join forces with J&B Tackle, presenting the Castafari Offshore Seminar Series in 2015. As always, J&B Tackle will be setting up a fully loaded retail store at this event, and offering a vast array of products and discounts. J&B has more than proved to be one of the best and most reputable tackle centers in the northeast.

Castafari, Inc. is no stranger to creating and hosting successful big game fishing events, ie: The Hyannis Tunafest, Oak Bluffs Bluewater Classic, Battle Of The Bay, and Big Game Bash. The Castafari Seminar will offer a vast array of knowledge, experience, and products to bluefin tuna and northeast canyon fishermen. Our speakers hold numerous state/world records and tournament wins and accomplishments, not to mention decades of offshore fishing experience. All of them are worth checking out on our speakers page page. A seminar is only worth what presentations and knowledge it has to offer which in the end will help save you time and money, and more importantly, connect you to fish! No one knows everything, and the sport of big game fishing is constantly evolving. This event helps us all stay one step closer to what is happening out there.

This exclusive 2 DAY event will enable you to experience ALL of the presentations and amenities we have to offer.

  • Doors open at 11am on Saturday, March 2nd and 8 am Sunday, March 3rd.
  • Complimentary Lunch Buffets On Both Saturday and Sunday!
  • Over $15,000 in Door Prizes and 45 vendors setting up at our show!
  • Price of admission is $240.00
  • SPECIAL HOTEL ROOM RATE OF $149 is available...Limited Block!
  • Ticket Holders will get incredible discounts on tackle and accessories.

Learn from the Pros - 2 Full Days of Detailed Presentations
Capt. Damon Sacco, Capt. Mark Decabia, Capt. Taylor Sears, Capt. Bryan Sears, Capt. John Bunar, Capt. John Galvin, Capt. Tommy Howd, Capt. Matt Perachio, Capt. Billy Shouldice, Capt. Mike Hogan, Capt. Jeff Warford, Capt. Mike Pierdinock, NMFS Rep Brad McHale, Dr. Walter Golet, Dr. Jeff Kneebone. Check out their bios.

2024 Castafari Big Game Fishing Seminar Topics

  • Big Game Fishing Vacations World Wide by Capt. Damon Sacco
  • Adapting To Changes In The Northeast Offshore Fishery by Capts. Damon Sacco, Matt Perachio, & Mark Decabia
  • Rigging Artificial Dredge Workshop by Capt. John Galvin
  • Jigging Giant Tuna by Capt. Matt Perachio
  • Latest Tactics Fishing The Dump by Capt. Kevin Albohn
  • Fishing Live Baits Correctly by Capts. Bryan & Taylor Sears
  • Top 10 Secret Weapons (Tools/Tackle) by Capt. Damon Sacco, Mark Decabia, & Matt Perachio
  • Rigging Pitch Baits At Canyons by Capts. Dylan Hunt & Billy Shouldice
  • Rigging A Natural Dredge Workshop by Capt. Dylan Hunt
  • Preparation Is Key by Capt. Mark Decabia
  • Late Season Bluefin Tactics by Capt. John Bunar
  • Bait & Switch Fishing For Marlin by Capt. John Galvin
  • Finding Fish In The Canyons by Capt. Mark Decabia
  • Rigging Pitch Baits At Canyons by Capts. Dylan Hunt & Billy Shouldice
  • Trolling The Canyons Here & Now by Capt. Billy Shouldice
  • Night Fishing For Swordfish by Capt. Tommy Howd
  • Rigging Natural Trolling Teasers Workshop by Capt. Billy Shouldice
  • A Golf Bag Approach To Tuna Fishing by Capt. Mike Hogan
  • Rigging Squid Workshop by Capt. Tommy Howd
  • Trolling Soft Tails For Tuna by Capt. Jeff Warford
  • Rigging Hook Baits For Tuna Capts. Damon Sacco & Mark Decabia
  • Rigging Swordfish Strip Bait Workshop Capt. Tommy Howd
  • Splicing & Knot Connections Capt. Matt Perachio
  • Throwing A Cast Net Workshop Capt. John Bunar
  • Live Bait Rigging Workshop - Capts. Bryan & Taylor Sears
  • How To Rig & Use Cockpit Harpoon Capt. Mike Hogan
  • Deep Dropping Tools Workshop Capt. Tommy Howd
  • Crimping Workshop by Capt. Dylan Hunt
  • Bridling Live Bait Workshop Capt. Billy Shouldice
  • Rigging Trolling Mackerel Workshop Capt. Damon Sacco
  • Rigging An FG Knot Start To Finish by Capt. Kevin Albohn
  • Rigging A RonZ Correctly by Capt. Kevin Albohn
  • Tagging & Tracking Yellowfin Tuna Dr. Jeff Kneebone
  • Deep Dropping For Swords & Tuna Capt. Tommy Howd
  • How To Skirt Big Game Lures by Capt. Stephen Weitzen
  • Changing Out Casting/Jigging Hooks Capt. Matt Perachio
  • Rigging Pitch Baits At Canyons by Capts. Dylan Hunt & Billy Shouldice
  • Attaching Weights & Lights To Line Capt. Tommy Howd
  • Changing Out Lure Hooks Workshop Capt. Matt Perachio
  • Rigging Circle Hooks For Ballyhoo Capt. Billy Shouldice
  • Using Stand Up Gear - Capts. Mark Decabia & Stephen Weitzen
  • Following Giant Tuna (Tagging Research) by Dr. Walter Golet
  • Ask Questions - Get Answers From NMFS and ICCAT Representatives
  • The Bluefin Highway - Bank To Chatham by Capt. Matt Perachio